New Beginnings

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we begin something new and exciting. Welcome to my new and exciting! I created this blog to share my love of rescuing and to show you everything it involves. I’ve recently rescued my third furbaby and want to share her story with you every step of the way. I’ll also share any tips and tricks I have for finding your new family member, bringing them home, and making them your best friend. I volunteer with VA Paws for Pits, a rescue organization that rescues pit bulls and mixes as well as other bully breeds and helps find them new furever homes. I also occasionally assist a few other rescues in my area.  Please don’t hesitate to leave me comments or to email me. I’d love to hear your questions and any suggestions to content you may be looking for.


2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Yay this! We’re not getting any dogs here till we fence some part of the yard in, and we already have four cats, but it’s cool you’re doing this 😀 I hope/assume you’ll be filling the “home” page with pictures and direct links to info on adopting and places to donate? Also a big box on the upper right of the content area could have a big, shiny button for donating somewhere, or at least a link to a website that does that sort of thing full time 😀

    This seems like the natural evolution of “Blowing up my feed with animal crap.” lol. That’s always good when a blog starts. You’d be doing this anyways, might as well take charge of it. I don’t know what your hopes are for this blog, but if people know they can come here for a breakdown of area animals in need that that they can’t get easy elsewhere/wouldn’t have heard about otherwise, I’m sure it’ll be great 😀

    Regardless, it’s a cool thing you’re doing, wtg 😀


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